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The Strategy Consortium to Use New Proprietary ExciteCAS as Strategic Backbone to Empower Fortune 500 Customer Acquisition Initiatives
Atlanta, GA 2013-09-18 14:46:35 EST

The Strategy Consortium announced today that ExciteCAS it's proprietary Customer Acquisition System will be the strategic platform of choice for several key Fortune 500 Companies engaged in strategic customer acquisition initiatives for the coming year of 2014. Stay tuned for the specific list major companies and brands benefiting from ExciteCAS as final details emerge. ExciteCAS is The Strategy Consortiums new state-of-the-art approach to customer acquistion based on emerging scientific methods and concepts aimed at enhancing the purchasing propensity of the targeted consumer-base.

About The Strategy Consortium

Newly founded in 2007, The Strategy Consortium was formed as a specialized Professional Consultancy Cooperative to help leading organizations create an sustain strategic value through innovation.
Today, The Strategy Consortium is a growing hub of innovation and value for some of today’s leading companies. Its cross-specialized consultant teams work aggressively to increased equity value, profits, and market share for client organizations primarily through creation and enhancement of new or existing offerings. Strategy Consortium consultants also provide Strategic Thought Leadership Advisory Services for complex decisions faced by client organizations.
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Consumer Products
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Financial Services
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