The Strategy Consortium is primarily composed of dynamic Innovation Implementation Teams that provide services to our end clients. Often our Innovation Implementation Teams are involved in high-impact cutting edge engagements within their respective industries or specialties.

Innovation Implementation Teams are composed of some of the brightest minds in industry and may consist of a combination of Individual Professionals and/or Business or Research Entities engaged as nonexclusive subcontractors on behalf of The Strategy Consortium. They typically include various industry-specific senior level MBA-type professional service disciplines such as management, marketing, and sales. The size of teams can very from a few entities, to several hundred distributed entities.

Our Unique Profit Sharing Method of Compensation (PPSC)
The Strategy Consortiumís method of compensation towards subcontractors meets or exceeds the highest compensation packages in industry; due to the conveyance of predefined partial profit shares as compensation, internally referred to as Partial Profit Shares Compensation (PPSC). With Partial Profit Shares Compensation (PPSC), Innovation Implementation Teams share a sense of partial ownership in equity they help create and earn a significant percentage of the gross profits from that equity based on project and work performance and involvement.

Have Something to Offer: Join an Innovation Implementation Team
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Current Opportunities

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*oppportunities updated often. Opportunities listed here may contain forecasted data, including estimated compensation, The Strategy Consortium makes no warranties of any kind as undetermined market conditions and business contingencies are determining factors.

The Strategy Consortium reserves the right to modify, or withdrawal opportunities listed here without any prior notice.

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